Welcome to the TechNCR knowledge base of research that demonstrates our understanding of complex IT and Security challenges faced by companies and also a common man around Us.

TechNCR was founded on the notion that we could help commercial agencies and companies succeed by providing them IT and security experts, candid advice and an outside perspective on their business. Finding good talent, embedding it in clients, and unleashing a critical and skillful eye remains a TechNCR pillar more than a years after we were founded.

Fault within IT and security products for few minutes can halt numerous business transactions and can lead to big loss for organization. At this point, assistance of technical support services act as biggest rescue. Lots of technical support services providers are available around that provides best assistance in determining and fixing the issue occurred. Companies providing technical support services have IT technicians who are highly qualified, expert and experienced in the same field.

We provide technical assistance 24*7 and that too both offline and online. If the issue or error occurred is minor and can be fixed without visiting the site then fix it online, but if the issue is major then term of IT professionals will reach your place to check and fix it. We have the Insights you need.

Ashu Bisht

President & Executive Leadership

Ashu Bisht is Founder and Head of Operational Risk of TechNCR, an IT firm that is a reputed company based in Delhi that deals in providing technical support services in pan India. TechNCR is a one stop shop for all IT related services and products. Whenever you come across the need of any hardware, software or network assistance, you can reach out at TechNCR for best assistance.

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Chief Financial Officer
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IT and Security Service

Being an IT and security expert, we are well versed with the Storage Server to all other company IT and home security equipment and can assist you best without any doubt.


For any business to run smoothly, it is very important for their IT systems to stay healthy. We keep your IT equipment healthy to make them work up to your expectations.

Home Risk Assurance

We will make your home more techie and more secure. Our services will include 24*7 OnCall Support, Pick & Drop facility, Alternate Product Support and many more like this.