15 Devices Repalced By Smartphones

Today’s era is the era of technology. Everything available around us is smitten with technology somewhere and it’s become hard to live and do our simple household ordeals without technology. Whether it’s about the home appliances or smart gadgets, our lives are dependent on technology completely. One of the smartest gadgets that has replaced numerous long running devices and become an integral part of todays’ modern lifestyle is smartphone. From the very first invented mobile phone i.e. Motorola DynaTAC 8000x in the year 1983 to present year, mobile phone has turned into a smartphone having numerous smart features that are much more than making calls, receiving calls, sending messages and receiving messages.

But with the advancement in technology taking place with every passing day, smartphones have come far ahead and replaced so many things present in our lives with one gadget. With one smartphone, you need not to carry different things with you for different purposes; smartphone serves all such purposes for you. Let’s have a look on list of devices that has been replaced by smartphones.

  1. Alarm Clock: In the previous decades when mobile phones do not have an option of setting an alarm, people used to set an alarm manually within their alarm clocks and keep it on their side in night so that they can wake up in the morning with the alarm. But with smartphones, very few people are there who make use of alarm clocks; otherwise everyone keeps smartphone on their side by setting an alarm in it. Moreover, with smartphone you need not to set alarm daily, you can set it for daily by once.
  2. Handheld Device for Playing Games: All those who are passionate about playing games from past times definitely had those 99 in handheld gaming device and also Nintendo’s popular Gameboy series, which was usually our best companion during travels. Nowadays, those handheld gaming devices have been completely replaced with smartphones as smartphones have exclusive gaming series that includes real PC like graphics along with amazing sounds.
  3. Laptop/Computer: Today’s smartphone are accessible in doing everything that computer or laptop can do. From using World Wide Web to fetch any information to typing the documents, exchanging emails, and watching videos on YouTube; one can perform most of the computing task on their smartphone. Smartphone act as portable computer within your pocket.
  4. Flashlight: Flashlight is considered to be an important thing to keep while travelling or camping. Aside of travelling and camping, one can come across need of flashlight anytime and thus it’s important to carry it with you always. But smartphones has replaced them too as most of the smartphones possesses built-in flash feature. With this exclusive feature in smartphone, not only the need of carrying an additional flashlight or torch has been eliminated but also need not to carry AA batteries for it with you all the time.
  5. Personal Organizer: People usually have habit of penning down important things they witness or did throughout the day in their diaries or some people use to write down the schedule of their complete week within their diaries and for this, they have to carry diary and pen all the time with them to note down important things and to-do list. But with smartphones and smart apps for taking notes as well as for creating to do list for week and month along with calendar, one need not to carry personal organizer all the time with them.
  6. Books: N numbers of people are there who love to read books in their spare times especially during travels. With smartphones, you have more options to choose for reading as you can keep lots of eBooks within your smartphone at a time. Moreover, you can read them online too. You don’t have to carry extra weight while travelling carrying numerous books with you. Smartphone is a great blend of convenience and enjoyment.
  7. Portable Music Players and iPods: When iPod was launched by Apple, portable music players become popular device for listening music on the go. Even walkman and discman started to diminish as portable music player like iPod possess big music library as well as convenient for use. However, with introduction of smartphone whether it’s android or iOS, even the portable music players have been replaced. People keep big list of their favorite numbers within their smartphones and enjoys listening to them whenever and wherever they want.
  8. Digital Cameras: There is hardly any device or gadget which is not replaced by smartphone or in which smartphone doesn’t possess excel. Smartphone evens possess feature of photography with mostly two cameras both at front and back to capture your beautiful and memorable moments. Moreover, there are options to set or to do changes within your images for making it magnetic and beautiful.
  9. Radio: Even after possessing feature of music players on our smartphones, there are many people who still prefer listening FM radio. In the previous times. People carry big transistors with them even on travels, as it was the only source of portable music at that time. Now smartphones have replaced even radios with the Auto-tune FM that provides better quality and signals.
  10. Television:  Facility of internet has allowed masses to watch out their favorite TV shows and movies anytime and anywhere. By having applications like Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hotstar on our smartphones, no one needs TV to consume content on. Moreover, you can enjoy watching TV even during travel on smartphone.

These all above stated devices plays an important role in our daily lifestyle and happily with smartphone, we need to carry them too.

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