In the present business world, where everything is executed digitally and where IT plays an important role in expanding the business and making it successful; it is essential that your IT setup is strong and should be in a working condition all the time. Being technical, IT equipment sometimes stopped working instantly or produce errors which may affect your business transactions drastically. Therefore it is essential to have a strong technical support on your side all the time. For this, either you can setup an IT department in your company where you will hire IT technicians on salary basis or you can go for outsourcing technical support services. If we compare the both then outsourcing the services possess more benefits than hiring IT technicians permanently in your company.

Outsourcing Technical Support Solution can Lend Number of Benefits                   

  1. 24*7 Technical Support: One of the biggest benefits of hiring technical support solution from outsiders is the 24*7 access to your issues. Best and reputed companies that deals in technical support solutions works 24*7 and make sure that their client get best output and service whenever they got stuck with any of the technical errors or issues even if it’s 3.00 am in the morning. It’s not necessary that they will visit your place all the time when you call them up about your problem; as being technical expert and with the availability of advanced technology they fixed most of issues from their place only with the help of software like teamviewer. Isn’t it a great benefit of having technical support with you all the time?

While on other hand, if you hire technicians for your company then they will work for you in their working hours only that maybe 8 to 9 hours but not for 24 hours for sure.

  1. Professional Technical Experience & Expertise: As these IT companies renders their IT services to numerous companies with different business platforms, they employed highly qualified and experienced technicians with them who possess complete knowledge about the different technical aspects and are capable of solving different issues according to their client’s business need.  Moreover, with every passing day their experience and knowledge keeps on expanding and they become more confident and skilled to solve every issue within minutes. While on other hand, when you recruit permanent IT person in your company, you will definitely hire the one having limited knowledge about the technology associated with your business transactions only and while working in your company, his knowledge will stick to that level only and if in case any out of the box issue arises in front of you then he will not be capable of solving it.
  2. Economical Deal: Companies providing computer AMC services or technical support solutions usually made annual contract or ask for one-time payment in a year. They cover entire IT aspects in their technical support solutions namely hardware, software and networking and thus charge collective amount for all. On the basis of type of services you render (like comprehensive and non comprehensive) or on the basis of number of work stations in a company, prices may differ; otherwise they charge same amount from all clients. Well if you are new to the term comprehensive and non-comprehensive then let me give you little glimpse about it.

Comprehensive AMC Services: If you take comprehensive AMC services then computer parts are also included in it. In this, any of computer or IT parts which are not working properly will be replaced with the new one and cost of new product will be afforded by the company from which you outsource IT support solutions.

Non Comprehensive AMC Services: If you go for outsourcing non-comprehensive AMC service then damaged computer parts will not be replaced by the tech support company, you have to afford the cost on your own.

Whether you hire comprehensive tech support service or non-comprehensive, they will ask convenient and economical prices from you and this cost will definitely be less than the cost you will incur on the monthly salary of the IT technicians.

All in all, outsourcing Technical support services from reputed and experienced company is a favorable deal and will render uncountable benefits.


Article By:- TechNCR Team

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