Learning New Language is No More difficulty with Digital Wonders

Learning New Language is No More difficulty with Digital Wonders

In the present corporate world, where cut throat competition is prevailing in the market, everyone desires to expand their business and with the initiation of globalization, usually people prefer to expand their business across the geographical boundaries. While expanding your business across nations, the thing which can create big difficulty at initial level is that not knowing the language of the nation you are planning to do business in. It’s become very important to be multilingual in present scenario if you urge to take your business or organization at new or bigger heights. Being multilingual or knowing different languages is important not only for employer but for employees too. If you work for any organization and your company decided to merge or to get involved in business with any foreign firm then you should also learn that particular language to be more productive.

Whether you are employer or an employee, learning new language is not at all easy or a kids’ play. You have to spare out proper time for this after your working hours as well as has to join any institute or coaching class for the same which demand monetary expense too. But this all becomes fuzzy as well as daunting for you. But thanks to technological wonders, you need not to get hyper or worried as few mobile apps are available in the market from where you can learn different foreign languages. These apps are available for both Android and iOS platform.
Few Apps to Learn New Languages for Free

1. Hello Talk: Hello Talk is language learning app that is compatible for both Android and iOS users. The difference this app possesses from other application is that here you will find native speakers of different languages and you can indulge in conversation with them directly. It actually translates each and every sentence written by you into the language of connected person and vice versa. Learner can easily choose a person to chat on the basis of language you need to or wish to learn. You can even save the complete conversation held with you for your future reference. It is considered to be a fun way to get social as well as productive at same time frame. The languages this app actually supported are – English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian and so on.

2. Duolingo: Duolingo is a most popular app for learning foreign languages. Even the teachers or professors from different nations around the world make use of this app for learning and improving their teaching skills. Duolingo is basically a platform for language learning that comprised of both website and app. This app is compatible for Android, iOS, Windows 8 and Windows 10 platform. This app is developed in a very creative way as it is a type of game, where you will get points on giving correct answers as well as your level will be upgraded just like other mobile apps possesses. Overall, it’s full of fun and enjoyment experience, where you learn new language and that too without boredom. Languages you can learn in this free platform are – French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Irish, Swedish, English and German.

3. MosaLingua: MosaLingua is an effective platform for learning variant language of variant nation. This platform or app includes different type of courses or we can say different practices to learn languages. Here you will find program and practice according to your choice or level. Like if you have start from scratch or you are unaware about even about the basics then you can opt for standard lesson program which actually includes basics phrases or numerals for your knowledge. Or if in case, you know the basics and want to gain more knowledge about the same, then you can choose for special topical packs available. These packs are associated on different topics but with an iota of particular language. It includes numerous languages including, French, Spanish and Italian.

4. Memrise: Memrise is actually an effective platform for language learning that comprised of website as well as app compatible for both Android and iOS users. Whenever you need or plan to learn any language online, don’t forget to consider this app. It is a best platform for fun vocabulary practice. This app includes funny and creative methods of learning, which makes learning process exciting and easy. However, initially you will require some time to understand all practices and algorithms but once you get aware of it completely. It will be a pleasurable experience for you. Languages you can learn from it are – English, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Arabic, Dutch, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, and Turkish.
Like above mentioned, few more apps are available in the market to learn new or foreign languages which can install for serve your need best.

Even if you are not actually in a need to learn any language, then also you should visit or explore these apps for once. Due to high competition prevailing in commercial market, multilingual people always received great appreciation in their work as well as got big and good opportunities too. Moreover, learning or experiencing anything new which is free of cost is also a fun chore, so without any doubt visit your playstore and check out these exclusive apps.


Article By:- TechNCR Team

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