Google Tez Payment App is Unique and Easy for Making Payments

Google Tez Payment App is Unique and Easy for Making Payments

India Prime Ministers’ will to make his country a digital country is on peak and numerous platforms are working on making it successful. Thus, Google has initiated its contribution too by launching its payment app called “Tez” in India. By launching this payment App, Google has joined India’s growing e-market, where other platforms like BHIM, Freecharge, Paytm and PhonePe are highly popular and successful at present. When various another already existing payment Apps launched by other companies and Government organizations are making their mark in context of cashless wave, then what’s so special about Google Tez. However, there is no specialty in its function but it possesses few unique and exclusive features that make it different and special in comparison to other apps. Moreover, it’s a Google product, this is a one big factor and thus, this App has complete support of Google’s money and resources behind it.

Google has designed this payment App specifically for Indians. This app is not localized later for Indian citizens but initially made for Indian market only. However, the App will become successful or not will be witnessed only by the time as it’s not an easy for any App to get success so fast. But at present, to use this app or to install it within your devices, it’s essential to know about its features. Let’s take a look at unique features embedded within the Google Payment App – Tez.

Features of Google Tez Payment App

  1. Tez is created on UPI, which is used all around by over 50 Indian banks. This clearly means that whenever you precede any payment transaction using Tez then money will be move from bank account to another, i.e. from senders’ bank account to receivers’ bank account. It’s not an e-wallet, so you need not to store money within it; you only need to connect your bank account with this app.
  2. Tez App has very special feature called Cash Mode. Google knows that Indians love cash, as one of the most essential aspects associated with cash is that cash payment is done without exchanging anyone’s personal information with other. Cash Mode feature of Tez allows user to make payment to other Tez user present nearby, that too without sharing any personal information like your bank account number or phone number. For making transactions using “Cash Mode” of Tez, Google has used proprietary AQR i.e. Audio QR technology, which is highly similar to QR codes but it’s actually more convenient and secure. This option is favorable for making payment to vendors like auto-wallah, sabzi-wallah or to any of your friends and relatives. You just need to bring two phones near each other, hit the option of pay or request, enter your UPI PIN and then payment will go instantly from one bank account to another bank account.
  3. As this App is made specifically for Indians, so it supports various Indian languages too like English, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, kannada, Tamil, Bengali, and Telugu. This regional language support makes payment method easier.
  4. For security terms, Tez asks for your phone’s PIN ID or fingerprint sensor or you can also opt for using Google PIN for security.
  5. Tez payment app is available for both Android and iOS phones. One can download it from App store that is managed by Google and Android. All recent versions of Android support this App even Android Lollipop.
  6. At present, brands like Dish TV, Dominos, Red Bus, Jet Airways and PVR are supporting Tez. They can be, because it uses UPI and thus you can make payment to anyone who possesses bank account using Tez payment App.
  7. In addition to “cash mode” feature, Tez also let people to make money transactions through QR code, or using other information like phone number or bank detail. It’s totally upon user which way to choose making payment.
  8. For business entrepreneurs, Google is offering some additional benefits. Not only businesses can accept payment received out of Tez, but they can also chose to begin their own Tez channels. This channel will be their space only and they can have more customers with this that too without driving app installs.
  9. Details about Tez related transactions will appear in chat window, where you are also accessible to exchange messages with others. Just take an example that you made payment for restaurant in a mall with Tez then you can receive ‘Thank You” message from the restaurant owner as an acknowledgement and thus you can also send message further if you wish to.
  10. Google stated that this Tez App is accompanied with Tez Shield and this Tez Shield remains active 24*7 with context to detect fraud, prevent hacking as well as to verify your identity. Each and every transaction you made is secured with your UPI PIN and further App is secured either with Google Pin or with your screen lock method like fingerprint. Moreover, if in case anything wrong is detected, consumer can reach to customer support instantly.

For any doubt associated with the app or about its installation process, you can contact best IT Company in Noida. Above stated features clearly states how much beneficial it is to install this app within your phone without much delay.


Article By:- TechNCR Team

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