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Is Reliance Jio Phone Really an Affordable Feature Phone?


Reliance Jio Phone is all set to occupy the space on shelf in stores all around country. It has been heard that near around six million pieces of 4G VoLTE feature phone will be delivered within upcoming two weeks i.e. before Diwali. However, pre-booking for the second slot has not been opened yet but it will be soon. At very recent, great buzz has been created among masses when Reliance Jio has introduced terms and conditions about this JioPhone on their website. Let’s check out what’s there within these terms and conditions that have forced masses to think whether investing in Reliance Jio is a smart deal or not.

Terms and conditions of Reliance Jio Phone

  1. Terms and conditions on refundable deposit of Rs1500: At the launch of Jio phone, reliance stated that this phone is effectively “free of cost” but will it be really free? We all are well aware that amount of Rs1500 is required to pay for buying it, against which Rs500 was paid at the time of booking and rest Rs1000 need to be paid at the time of delivery of phone. However this amount is refundable but the terms and conditions associated with this point reveals something different.

At the time of return, phone should be in a working condition and should not be tampered. It clearly means that if you want your refundable money back at the time of return then it should be in the same condition as it was at the time of purchase otherwise you will get nothing.

  1. Refundable Policy not applicable if you Return Phone Early: According to terms and conditions, you won’t get Rs 1500 back if in case you refund phone before 36 months from the date of issue. You will get your full amount i.e. Rs 1500 on return only when you return it back exactly after 3 years. In addition Reliance Jio also has “Early Return Charges”, which are as follows:
  • If in case, you return Jio phone within a year i.e. before 12 months from the date of issue then company will charge you Rs 1500 plus GST and other taxes. So think twice while returning Jio phone before 12 months as you will lose your entire refundable money.
  • The one who wants to return Jio phone after 12 months and before 24 months from date of issue then Rs1000 will deduct from your deposit along with applicable GST and other taxes.
  • Finally, those want to return Jio phone after 24 months and before 36 months from the date of issue will lose Rs 500 along with GST and other taxes.
  1. Recharge of Rs 1500 per year is necessary to buy: Every Jio phone user has to recharge their phone at least with Rs 1500 per year for consecutive 3 years, otherwise Reliance Jio will take phone back from you and if time period is less than 36 months from the date of issue then condition of “Early Charges” will also be applied.

To understand clearly, let’s read what’s exactly terms and conditions stated- “The JioPhone is available for continued use on the Recipient purchasing telecom recharge vouchers of an Authorized Carrier (presently Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited) from the Company or any of its authorized retailers for use in the JioPhone of a minimum value of Rs 1,500/- per annum for a period of 3 years from the date of the first issue of the JioPhone.”

On buying Jio phone, one need to recharge it with Rs 153 monthly which will cost Rs 1836 on annum and Rs 5508 for three years. This cost excludes Rs 1500 paid at the time of buying.

So, on the basis of this condition, it’s has become essential to figure out that whether Reliance Jio Phone is actually free??

  1. Return Jio Phone after 36 months but before 39 months: However, it’s been stated above that full amount will be refunded if Jio phone will be return after 3 years i.e. 36 months after date of issue but there is little twist within this condition and i.e. “The Jio phone shall be returned by the Recipient to the Company on or after the expiry of thirty six months but before the expiry of thirty nine monthsfrom the date of first issue of the Jio phone.” For instance if someone bought Jio Phone on 15 September 2017 then they need to return it before December 2020.
  2. Jio Phone is SIM-locked: Jio phone possesses SIM-locked feature, which means that SIM of any other operator can’t be used on the phone. But, term and condition on this point stated something more and i.e. “the Company may, solely at its discretion, allow the use of the JioPhone with any other compatible network from time to time.” Also the terms and conditions clearly state “the Company has no responsibility for the actual provision of telecommunication services and that the Recipient is solely responsible for availing these services from the Authorized Carrier(s).”

These above mentioned points about all terms and conditions stated by Reliance Jio about Jio phone will definitely put customers into dilemma and force them to think whether they have made right decision of buying it or not.

Article By:- TechNCR Team

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